Thursday, November 5, 2009

New York Times Clippings

Dear Friends,

Ever since 1948, when I came to Columbia to study journalism, I have been a great admirer of the new York Times. Over the last sixty years I must have returned to USA ten times, and each visit gives me the joy of renewing my love with NYT. Generally I come here with mission to bring something from India to the Indians here and also for the Americans. In return I try to send back to friends in India clippings of news and articles from NYT that have impressed me. Here is a list of some of these, and I would urge friends to spare a little time to download from the internet whatever they can. I shall only add that NYT has been for me a continuing school for studies in world affairs and I wish an abridged Indian edition of the newspaper could be published.

Mahendra Meghani

What I would like to share with friends form The New York Times:

Aug. 17:

On can you visit, Obama Child Shows

Health Care's Generation Gap

Aug 19:

Greyhound's buses to roll in London Waiting at Heathrow

Aug 20:

Don Hewitt, brought newsmagazine style Life Lessons? Taking some weight off

Aug 29:

Postal Service is Bulligh

Look to the rainbow (Bob Herbert)

For best results, Take the sting out

Yes, I'm pregnant

Aug 30:

What's next, Sidewalk tolls?

A world always close to family

Aug 31:

Invisible Immigrants

Hints of pluralism begin to appear

Sep 1:

That's why it's called the international date line,

A Chicago production,

Sleep may be nature's time management tool for magazines,

The down days continue


Ike's other warning

How can we get kids to ear right?

Sergei Mikhalkov, Russian anthem's lyricist

Giving back stature stolen

Beleagured bookseller

French bookstore to close

Sep 4:

Kennedy's rough waters

Sep 10:

For OPEC, current oil price is right

One million fill classes

Remembering Walter Cronkite

Russian Schools to teach 'The Gulag'

Making the case for leadership

Big food vs. big insurance

Sep 12:

South Korea's new export

Sep 13:

Why can't she walk to school?

In her 50s, looking for love

Sep 14:

Norman Borlaug, Plant scientist

After safe exit

Trust in news media falls

Sep 15:

High-five Nation (David Brooks)

Google site lets readers flip through news

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