Friday, March 21, 2008

Letters : Sukhpreet Kaur's Stance

(Note : Sarabjit Singh is an Indian National sentenced to death in Pakistan for his alleged involvement in the Lahore bomb blasts in 1990. Sarabjit Singh's wife Sukhpreet Kaur said the family did not want him repatriated from Pakistan "in exchange for any hardcore Pakistani terrorist lodged in Indian jails,” in a statement to PTI on March 19, 2008. The Hindu readers' responses:)


I salute Sukhpreet Kaur, Sarabjit Singh’s wife, for saying she does not want her husband in exchange for hardcore Pakistani terrorists lodged in Indian jails. It is patriotism at its best. It is all the more laudable because Sukhpreet has said this knowing full well that it may harm her cause of getting her husband released from the death row in Pakistan.

Her resolve is significant, especially in the context of the release of three terrorists in exchange for the passengers of a hijacked plane in 1999.

C.P. Srinivasan, Chennai

Sukhpreet’s statement that she is not for trading her husband’s release in exchange for hardcore Pakistani terrorists should serve as an eye-opener for the nation which was witness a few years ago to the release of some terrorists in exchange for the release of a Union Minister’s kidnapped daughter.

A.K. Pradeep Kumar, Thalasserry

I bow my head in salute to Sukhpreet Kaur. This is bravery of the highest order which should be widely publicised. It is an outstanding demonstration of putting the nation’s interest before one’s self.

S. Rajagopalan, Chennai

Our political leaders whose actions reek of parochialism and opportunism should learn a lesson or two on patriotism from Sukhpreet.

K.K. Cherian, Bangalore

Ms Kaur is truly one of a kind. What courage! I salute her. All the jingoistic raving and ranting on the cricket field, by comparison, seem so hollow.

P.R. Lochan Sarathy, Chennai

It is heartening to see Sukhpreet Kaur take such a brave and bold stand. No doubt, she wants her husband to be freed from the Lahore jail. At the same time, she and her daughters do not want his release in exchange for any hardcore Pakistani terrorists. Their patriotism deserves the highest praise.

Subhas Yadawad, Bijapur

(Condensed from The Hindu : March 21, 2008)

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